A world-class medical facility specialising in maxillofacial, ENT, facial plastic and general surgery

The Hospital

Accredited by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS)


A highly qualified team of surgeons, with excellent reputations and experience in their chosen fields


Our support staff reflect
the facility's objectives - to
provide quality care,
patient safety and comfort,
with professionalism and compassion


We rate extremely highly the importance of providing patients with adequate information in order that they may make well-considered decisions

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The Hospital

The Bondi Junction Private Hospital (BJPH) specialises in Facial Plastic Surgery, General Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, ENT and Maxillofacial Surgery. State of the art technology, highly esteemed surgeons, and a dedicated support staff combine to 



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provide a facility reflecting integrity and excellence. Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accreditation of the hospital provides an assurance of quality health care in a safe and patient-centric environment.

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